Jonny Clark

Jonathan Clark

Over 25 years retail experience gained in store management, leading business change, multi site operational support, new product development, product sourcing, new retail site launches, commercial category buying, and change management projects this guy has done them all.

Jonathan has an infectious personality that enables him to immediately engage with teams or individuals. His honest and open Yorkshire dialogue encourages clients to warm to him, recognising the skills he can bring to support their business.

When you possess the knowledge bank of how blue chip retail businesses operate and more importantly how these types of business’s coach, train and nurture development you can truly support other industries.

Customer service is an integral part of any business in whatever industry and from day one Jonathan clearly understands how ‘real, honest’ customer service can transform a business from good to exceptional.

“Working with teams excites me, it’s a great feeling when you see a group of individuals with totally different backgrounds, skill sets, personalities all pulling together to smash a goal – it makes the smile on my face grow even wider and what’s even better is when you see those individuals grow and move into leadership roles and replicate those moments with their teams – that’s success!!”

Finding the right balance between business and personality is something that Jonathan recognises, it’s easy to go straight into a task or project all guns blazing but when you look round and half of the people haven’t got on the bus and the other half are scratching their heads in confusion then you are on your own – so it’s vitally important to engage and communicate the overall objectives and goals and ensure all stakeholders are clear and sign up to support,

Some people think that customer service is simple – well it is, the difficult part is delivering consistent, professional, genuine customer service. We are all customers every day of our lives, television companies sending the picture to your screen, mobile phone companies ensuring you can keep in contact with family and friends – how frustrating is it when customer service in these areas breaks down?

It sounds like Jonathan knows his stuff, so get in contact today to see how he can support your business.


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