The services and projects undertaken by JC Retail Solutions include:

  • Managing product categories as business units to satisfy customers needs.
  • The Process – being your eyes and ears, reviewing and updating you with: competition movements, new products, innovative ways of merchandising, simpler implementation
  • Structure – review and recommend in store structures to ensure your product is available at all times
  • Space Allocation – maximise the mod densities, create excitement in the aisles to attract customers
  • Market Review/Presentation.
  • Range Review – identify opportunities to reduce the range without impacting sales, highlight instances where there is product duplication across other commercial categories
  • Range Construction – view the current range using the customers shopping trip to break down the commercial barriers and encourage cross category merchandising where this benefits the customer

Diagnostic review

Our Retail Diagnostic Review blends rapid analysis and assessment of your business with targeted solutions and achievable results.

  • Retail strategy analysis
  • Assessment of the store’s look and feel – including a review of your current product mix and number of SKU’s by sub category versus the competition
  • Understanding your customer – using ‘on the spot’ market research
  • Understanding your competitor(s) – provide you with a detailed review including: price architecture, product images, merchandising flows and adjacencies, promotional activity
  • Action planning for growth

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